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Drain Pipe Repair Killarney Vancouver

Home Remedies For Drainage Blockages

There is nothing more irritating than a stopped up drain. If your kitchen drain is plugged up it stops everything. Cooking supper or doing the dishes will be not possible with a blocked-up sink. If you get a plugged shower drain it can be aggravating. If the drain is completely stopped up you will not be able to use the shower whatsoever. If the shower is emptying gradually your feet will be covered with water and soap scum will grow on the floor. Should you wish to avoid the drains from becoming plugged there are a few actions to take.

Do not Pour Grease Down the Kitchen Sink

The main blunder people make in the kitchen sink is pouring grease down the drain. Grease gathers in cold pipes and each time it hardens the opening gets a little smaller. Pouring hot grease into a jar will seem weird at first but it is worth it for the big picture.

Shower Drains Stay Free of Crap with a Drain Screen

A drain screen is an economical way to prevent the shower drain from clogging up with hair. They cost next to nothing and work quite well.

Understand How to Use the Garbage Disposal

Many people have a garbage disposal unit under the sink. But when you throw the wrong stuff down there problems arise. Most food scraps will go down the disposal very nicely but there are some things you cannot put through it. Eggshells seeds meat and equivalent stuff. This will prevent the garburator from disabling.

Careful What Goes Down the Toilet

Soft tissues and toilet paper are fine but larger items should not get flushed. Things like paper towels cloth diapers baby wipes and band-aids are examples of stuff that will back up a toilet. If it is not bio-degradable do not flush it.

Drain Cleaning Services

Plumbing companies offer drain cleaning services. They can use an auger or even high pressure water to flush and clear everything that could potentially clog a drain. When you have this service carried out it will blast out anything that was blocking your drain.

If you make one of these common blunders and your drains do become congested you need to avoid using liquid drain cleaners. Not only are these products usually ineffective but they can be hazardous to the pipes.

Do-it-Yourself Drain Cleaning

A good home remedy is to use baking soda and vinegar in equal parts poured down the drain and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes. After that chase it with hot water and let that sit for some time. This should clear things up if the clog was not too-too bad. If there is anything else plugging things up then chances are good you will have to schedule a plumber for help.


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