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How to Deal With a Plugged Drain

Nothing is more frustrating than a stopped up drain. When the kitchen drain is blocked you will not be able to use the sink at all. Since the kitchen sink is among the most frequently used sinks in your home preparing food and dishes can be difficult with a clogged drain. If you ever get a clogged shower drain it can also be frustrating. When the drain is all together clogged you will not be able to use the shower whatsoever. If the shower is draining slowly your feet will be splashing in the water and soap scum will grow on the floor. If you wish to avoid your drains from becoming blocked there are a few actions to take.

Never Pour Grease Down the Kitchen Sink

The main mistake people make in the kitchen sink is pouring grease down the drain. Grease can develop in the pipes and when it cools it will harden choking off the drain hole. It may seem like a headache to drain the grease into a jar and throw it in the trash but its worth it over time.

Use a Drain Filter in The Shower

To keep hair from getting down the shower drain and clogging it up you can place a screen over the drain. This will catch the hair and after you shower you can clean the screen.

Know How to Use the Garbage Disposal

Many people have a garbage disposal unit under the sink. But when you throw the wrong stuff down there problems arise. While there are plenty of things that can go down the disposal you should avoid the following. Eggshells seeds meat and related stuff. This will prevent the garburator from shutting down.

Watch What You Flush Down the Toilet

While it is fine to flush toilet paper down the drain there are certain things that you should not. A few examples of these items include baby wipes disposable nappies paper towels and band-aids. If it is not bio-degradable do not flush it.

Drain Cleaning Services

Plumbing contractors offer drain cleaning service. They can use an auger or even high pressure water to flush and clear things that could likely clog a drain. They can clean any type of clog out of any household drain.

If you make one of these common mistakes and your drains do become clogged you want to avoid using liquid drain cleaners. These products will work on some clogs but oftentimes they can start decomposition and lead to further problems down the road.

Home Remedies

A good home remedy is to use baking soda and white vinegar in equal parts poured down the drain and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Then pour piping hot water down the drain to soften things up. Many times the clog will pass if it was the result of something greasy. If there is anything else plugging things up then chances are great you will have to phone a plumber for help.


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