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Learn how to Contend with a Clogged Drain

A blocked drain can really be aggravating. If your kitchen sink is plugged up it puts a halt to everything. Because the kitchen sink is among the most frequently used sinks in the home cooking and washing dishes can be difficult with a clogged drain. Another one is when the shower drainage gets plugged with hair which makes it uncomfortable to shower with water rising on the floor. If for example the shower is emptying little by little your feet will be splashing in the water and soap scum will build up on the floor. Should you want to prevent your drains from becoming plugged there are a few steps to take.

Never Pour Grease Down the Kitchen Sink

Pouring grease down the kitchen sink is one of the most typical issues a local plumber is called out for. Grease can develop in the pipes and when it cools it will solidify choking off the drain opening. It may seem like a hassle to drain the grease into a jar and throw it away but its worth it over time.

Shower Drains Stay Clear with a Drain Filter

To keep hair from plugging the shower drain and clogging it up you can place a screen over the drain. They cost next to nothing and work quite well.

Understand How to Use the Garbage Disposal

Many people have garbage disposals under the sink. But if you do not use your garbage disposal intelligently you can end up with problems. Most food scraps will go down the disposal very nicely but there are a few things you cannot put through it. Eggshells seeds meat and equivalent stuff. This will prevent the garburator from shutting down.

Watch What You Flush Down the Toilet

While it is fine to flush toilet tissue down the drain there are certain things that you must not. Things like paper towels cloth diapers baby wipes and band-aids are examples of stuff that will back up a toilet. If it is not bio-degradable do not flush it.

Drain Cleaning Services

You can ask a plumber to fix a clogged drain. They have the tools and know-how to un-plug a clogged drain with a plumbing auger of even high-pressure water if needed. They can clear any type of clog out of any household drain.

You can try clearing the drain yourself but please remember of the risks of chemical drain cleaners. These products do work on some clogs but in many cases they can start corrosion and lead to further problems down the road.

Home Solutions

You can try putting some baking soda down the drain and then the same amount of of vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes. Then chase it with hot water and let that stand for a while. This should clear things up if the clog was not too-too bad. If that does not clear things up then you will most likely want to call a local plumber.


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